Talk him into giving you the perfect gift without saying a word!
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29/Sep Talk him into giving you the perfect gift without saying a word!

Whether it’s your birthday, Valentine’s Day or your anniversary coming up and you desperately want a gift from your boyfriend, not any gift but this wonderful jewel you have seen in Loisir’ s eshop and you are in search for a way to make him choose the ideal gift for you and at the same time making him think that the choice was his own!

Here is the way:

1) Share your favorite Loisir product on facebook and comment in a way to make it clear to him how much you like it.

2) Go out with friends and make sure that your boyfriend hears you telling your friends you’re dying to have it.

3) “Forget’ your laptop screen on, at the website with the gift you want.

4) At the next night out praise him for his good taste, tell him that he always picks for you gifts that you love.

Be sure that after all these subconscious messages you will get that you desire and your boyfriend will be proud of his perfect gift.

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  1. Alisha November 3, 2017 at 00:33 Reply

    Nice post 🙂
    One time when I went out shopping with my boyfriend I just picked what I want, try it on and ask: “How do I look?”
    He Answered: “Great!”
    I responded: “I would love to have this … someday!”
    And guess what – a few days later he made me “nice surprise” 🙂

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