How to easily remove the ring that does not come off!
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29/Sep How to easily remove the ring that does not come off!

Sometimes fingers swell, for example during pregnancy, after a long day or after a long sleep. If you have the feeling that the ring wants a little more to come off, try to follow the below:

  1. First of all, do not panic! Keep calm and give yourself time to relax. As you try to remove the ring, you swell the finger even more.

  2. Raise your hand up for a while to lower the accumulated blood.

  3. Put your hand under cold water, but not freezing.

  4. Try to remove the ring slowly, rotating it slowly after it has been lubricated with soap, cream or baby oil.

If the ring is still stuck on your finger, using a safety pin or toothpick, slide some dental floss under the ring leaving a length of 4-5 centimeters at each side. Starting at the ring, wrap your finger with dental floss tightly and densely up to the knuckle. Then, hold the extra dental floss length you left on the other side of the ring and unwind the dental floss along the fork that was wrapped by dragging together the ring.

Do not forget that the ideal time for a ring to come out is during the day and not in the morning.

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