Care Advice


As with all beautiful things in life, you need to take care of your jewelry.

Store your jewelry in the original packaging or in a velvet case. Polish it regularly with a soft cloth to maintain its original shine. Make sure the soft cloth does not contain acid, alcohol or ammonia.

Jewelry that is plated is not waterproof as you often ask us!

Remove jewelry before sports, swimming, exercise, showering, cleaning the house, washing clothes or applying lotion or body cream or perfume. Sea or pool water can ruin our jewelry. Never store your jewelry wet. Always dry with a soft cloth before storage.

Store your jewelry in a small Ziploc plastic bag before placing it in their box or soft jewelry case, so that they avoid being scratched by other objects and also avoid dust.

Remember that the color of the plating leaves with the friction, use and pH of the skin and leaves the silver, brass or other metals visible.

This is an inevitable process.

To slow down the wear of the plating paint, it will be good to follow the tips for their care.

We are not responsible for damage caused by misuse or collision or falling of jewelry, but we are always willing to help repair it, if possible.


Temperature: Do not expose the watch to direct sunlight or high temperatures. Prolonged exposure may damage the watch and shorten battery life.

Collisions: This watch can withstand the usual conflicts of everyday life, as well as those caused by sports that do not come into contact with the opponent. However, it can cause serious damage if it falls or is hit in a major collision.

Magnetic Fields: Our watches are antimagnetic up to 60 gauss and are not affected by standard home electromagnetic appliances.

Static Electricity: If the watch is exposed to strong electric fields, the clock may lose some of its accuracy.

Chemicals and Gases: Do not wear the watch with strong perfumes, strong chemicals and gases. Some parts of the watch may lose their color, disintegrate or even break. The case of the watch as well as the strap may change color if they come in contact with mercury from a broken thermometer. Pay special attention to avoiding chemicals!

How to clean your watch: If you wear your watch every day, it can get dirty. To give more life to your watch, clean it regularly.

Use an absorbent soft cloth to clean the glass.

For metal parts, use a dry soft toothbrush for the bracelet on both sides.

For leather straps: rub the surface lightly, using a dry soft cloth.

The watch is a jewel and you must use it carefully.


Keep batteries out of the reach of children!

If a battery is accidentally swallowed, call your doctor immediately!